Serato And Roland Kick Off 909 Day With The DJ-808

Serato just announced the release of their DJ-808 controller, which was manufactured in collaboration with Roland. A product that is described by Roland as ushering in “a new era of DJ’ing” that “integrates software, hardware and the TR-S drum sequencer into a single instrument for the very first time,” this is shaping up to be a game-changing DJ controller.

Featuring an on-board drum machine module with the familiar step sequencing layout popularized by Roland’s TR-808, this is bound to expand on live remixing during DJ sets worldwide. The DJ-808 also comes with Voice Transformation technology, last seen in their VT line of products, which will work with Serato’s own Pitch ’n Time to keep your tracks in key. 

The DJ-808 also comes with 4-channel mixer, ultra high-performance platters with dual-deck control, 2 AIRA link USB ports and heavy Serato DJ integration, making this one of the most expressive controllers on the market. Watch more info on the Roland DJ-808 in the video below or clicking the link here.